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Jenni is a supportive and collaborative coach who loves to partner with her clients as they realize their potential and reach their goals. Her clients have described her as easy to connect with, a careful listener, collaborative, professional, and encouraging. They’ve remarked how at the end of the sessions they feel empowered and ready to move forward to reach their goals.

She is passionate, not only about helping her clients grow and develop, but about continuing to develop herself as a coach. She loves to learn new ways to better serve those she works with and has many tools she can bring into the coaching session like StrengthsFinders, Cultural Intelligence Assessment, Mindmapping, and Personal Health Planning.

She knows the power of asking “What If…” and how it can shift our perspective and open up possibilities we never before knew existed. Seeing and exploring “what if” possibilities can be a game changer.

Her journey to becoming a coach has led her around the world where she was able to learn from coaches from a variety of different cultures.  Her first coach training was in Barcelona, Spain and then later she learned under Indian, American, and European trainers too.

She is available to work with individuals and teams and can work in English and Spanish though she is most comfortable in English.

She believes in helping her clients unlock their potential in order to live the lives they were made for.

In addition to being an Associate Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation, she is also a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, a Cultural Intelligence Center Advanced Professional, and a Duke University Trained Integrative Medicine Health Coach.

Success Stories From Around The World

Clients from


I easily lose my original focus due to the demands of life, Jenni has often been able to keep me reminded of my original intentions. With the greater focus and constant realigning of my motives and intentions, she has helped me pursue goals which are intrinsically me.

HR Manager, Singapore

Cuando tuve la oportunidad de tener sesión con Jenni, fue una gran experiencia que quisiera volver a tener. Realmente descubrí que había muchas cosas de las cuales no hablaba con nadie, es decir: sueños, metas y aun miedos que con nadie había compartido. Un gran tiempo y muy útil para mi crecimiento como persona y ser humano. Gracias!

- Elva 
Entrepreneur, Mexico

She helped me clear my mind on a few issues that had clustered my thinking. I was able to figure out that I was stretched too thin and had to step back and do one thing at a time. That was a good insight and it brought an incredible amount of relief to me.

- Nyasha
Accountant, South Africa

Jenni was an amazing coach who helped me realize what was and wasn't important to me in my life. She was very easy to talk to, and never shied away from asking me tough questions. She is brilliant in asking questions in a way that you realize what you've wanted all along. I was able to make better decisions for me on my own because of her help!

- Madhu
Biomedical Engineer, USA

The group coaching opened the eyes of my team as to how we can benefit individually and as a team from understanding and relying on each others strengths.

- Russ, USA

Thank you so much for helping me discover my strengths and for coaching me. My gratitude to you for your support.

- Alioune
Ecological Specialist, Dakar Senegal

She is very professional in her approach. She allowed me to explore my issue at my pace and helped me explore it from all angles. I enjoyed her sessions very much.

- Nitin 
Educator, Mumbai

The session on Strengths Based Leadership opened my mind to a wider perspective. I will be able to implement this in my work.

- Santosh
IT Professional, Bangalore

Jennifer is an excellent coach, listens intently and is totally present for her client during the session. She is also goal focused and able to hold the client to the agenda to work towards their vision. She questions and supports the client in exploring new possibilities and learning. I would highly recommend Jennifer as a coach to any client.

- Orla
Financial Executive,
Dublin, Ireland

I benefitted from her expertise by learning about each strength on a deeper level. The experience gave me a better holistic understanding of how my strengths impact my daily life, which is helpful both personally and professionally.

- Laura
Archivist, Chicago, IL

Jenni listened to me and helped me learn things about myself that enabled me to make the changes I want. The coaching she provided helped me make changes that improve my health now and for the future.

- Patti
Nevada, USA

The coaching time was very insightful and engaging. I came away with new insights into my personal strengths and ideas for moving forward with developing them. Jenni also followed up with me later and sent more resources and steps for moving forward. Highly recommended.

- Christine
Educator, Chicago, IL